Voyeur Fucking Stories

Are you ready for some dirty reading? These sex stories will make you horny as fuck! And the best part is that I got three of them and I'm willing to share all.. ok I'll cut the crap, start the reading and wanking right now:

Accidental Voyeur

...he sat up, still not entirely sure what he was hearing, he noticed a hole in the wall, perfect for the human eye to peek through. More moans, louder, stronger, came now blaring through the thin insulation... [read the rest of the story here]

Taste of Revenge

...man was guiding the blonde's head back and forth as he fucked her red lipstick covered mouth, his own moans and perverted words having a strange effect on the female would-be blackmailer... [read the rest of the story here]

Ferris Wheel

...thrilling view he received. Turn after turn, he smiled and waved at the girls who for whatever reason had no idea he had full view of their panties... [read the rest of the story here]