Accidental Voyeur

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Ted already had a hard on when his truck broke down outside the country inn, after laying eyes on the beautiful wife who ran the place with her husband. A flat tire has never been so attractive, he thought as she invited the stranded stranger in out of the summer storm. Dinner had been pleasant as he sat and ate the lovely dinner prepared by the MILF like creature, while exchanging small talk with her gregarious and friendly husband. In the spirit of true country hospitality, the couple offered him a room for the night at no charge. Ted had no idea yet that the free meal wasn't the only extra bonus to his surprise overnight stay. As he lay in bed trying to adjust to the overly fluffy pillows, he heard what sounded like moans coming directly from the other side of the wall. As he sat up, still not entirely sure what he was hearing, he noticed a hole in the wall, perfect for the human eye to peek through. More moans, louder, stronger, came now blaring through the thin insulation. Fascinated and now hornier than ever, he put his face to the wall and his eye to the dime size hole. Right there in plain view, was the couple going at it like animals in heat. The husband was fucking his sexy wife from behind, the moonlight from the window serving as a show spotlight. The woman grabbed hold of the bed pole as her husband rammed his hard cock in and out of her begging and wet pussy. Ted could take no more and released his own meat from his boxer shorts, stroking now right in unison with every thrust of the man's dick as it pounded his woman's cunt into oblivion. Ted didn't realize just how loud his own moans were becoming until all at once, the action stopped. Too far gone by now in his voyeuristic state, Ted shot his load all over the wall. The couple, not moving from their sex driven positions, turned their heads toward the wall, and smiled knowingly.

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