Ferris Wheel

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Who didn't love the carnival coming to town? With the infamously corny organ music, pink cotton candy flowing freely, and small but nice selection of rides to choose from, it was indeed Andy's favorite event of the year. By now he knew the routine and exactly where to go to have his fun for the evening. There it was, the ferris wheel, perhaps the most ridden and well known ride in existence. But Andy wasn't riding, as his thrill was achieved in a different way. He positioned himself on the bench directly below the huge rotating machine. One by one, the attendees waited in line for their turn. Man, woman, child, families alike took their turn on the famous wheel. Andy could never get over just how many females wore short skirts and were never the wiser as to the thrilling view he received. Turn after turn, he smiled and waved at the girls who for whatever reason had no idea he had full view of their panties. Panties that more often than not got wetter and wetter with each passing turn. And every year there was always at least one special fun loving girl who wore none at all, his cock getting harder as he had full visual access to a sweet looking snatch under the skirt. One girl last year had caught him looking, and gave him the special treat of spreading her sexy legs a little wider so he could see her pretty pink clit enjoying that ride. Yes indeed, the ferris wheel was one thrilling ride that he enjoyed every year!

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