Taste of Revenge

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The thin and tall brunette sat nervously at her company desk, trying to appear focused on work. This would be the night, Ellen thought to herself. She would finally get revenge on that brunette bitch of a coworker who was trying to sleep her way up the corporate ladder. Tonight there would be video, as looked over at the tiny lens peaking out of her purse. She couldn't decide yet if she would post it on the internet, or take it to the bimbo's husband, but either way she had seen the last of the big breasted slut getting higher paychecks for going down south on every powerful man in the company. The moment arrived, all lights were off in the highrise workroom, and the players were getting into position right there on the desk as Ellen hid quietly under her desk. The brunette went into action on the marketing boss, sucking his cock with loud slurping sounds. The man was guiding the brunette's head back and forth as he fucked her red lipstick covered mouth, his own moans and perverted words having a strange effect on the female would-be blackmailer. Ellen found herself with her fingers slowly moving to her panties, her own lips slightly parted as she watched the horny display with arousing fascination. As the man brought the hot assistant up to sit on his lap, Ellen could see the slowness of his rod slipping right into the bitch's waiting and wet cunt. She rode him for all she was worth, as Helen bit one finger, her other fingers working feverishly all over her hard clit and soaking wet pussy. As the boss exploded inside sexy brunette who milked it with her hole for all she was worth, Ellen came hard on her own hand and decided it was soon time for her own job promotion.

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